Planning is about improving the quality of life in cities and regions. It helps communities, companies and governments integrate environmental, economic and social aspects of development - from site design to regional scale analysis.

As an undergraduate, you'll receive an industry-directed balance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, from small-scale projects to comprehensive development schemes, often in conjunction with local authorities and community organisations. 

You'll learn about land-use planning, urban design, transport and infrastructure, information technology, heritage and conservation, resource management, environmental monitoring, law and practice, commercial and industrial development, and policy. You'll also gain skills in long-range planning as well as structure and statutory components, including the current development of the built and natural environments and the legislative framework controlling land use.

You can choose to focus your fourth year on industry or undertake an honours research project.

As a postgraduate, you can undertake an advanced research project, and choose from electives in your chosen specialty. You can also opt for an industry-based practicum and an in-house practical project.