Geology is the study of the processes that control the flow of matter and energy in the solid earth, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere as they evolve through time.

By studying geology with us as an undergraduate, you'll learn how to identify and quantify these processes as they shape our planet, and how to investigate the formation and evolution of other objects in the solar system, such as planets, moons, asteroids, comets and dust. You'll also learn how to look for, develop and responsibly manage minerals, energy and environmental resources, and how to safeguard against geohazards and help overcome environmental challenges such as global climate change.

You can study geology within majors and extended majors of a number of our undergraduate degree programs, and you can also specialise in the field of exploration geology if you undertake postgraduate coursework with us.

Why choose Geology at UQ?

Opportunities for industry-based vacation work in your second and third undergraduate years will enrich your academic and personal experience at UQ. Most students complete advanced courses in field geology, culminating in field studies in the Great Barrier Reef and the Mount Isa regions. 

Postgraduate programs

Master of Mineral Resources

Diploma in Science (domestic students only)

Graduate Certificate in Mineral Resources

Graduate Diploma in Mineral Resources

Application information

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Higher degrees by research

We offer the following higher degree by research (HDR) programs:

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