Your study of earth and environmental sciences involves field trips to fascinating places, and hands-on experience exploring the landscape and geological record.

Watch our videos

Our videos show you a taste of what to expect if you take one of our courses that feature a geological field trip.

The courses featured in the videos on this page include:

ERTH2002: Palaeobiology

In this video, watch: 

  • Students explore a world-class Triassic-era fossil field at Dinmore, not far from UQ St Lucia
  • Dr Gilbert Price describe how 4.6 billion years is covered in one semester of ERTH2002: Palaeobiology.

Students gain hands-on experience at a fossil field at Dinmore (Vimeo, 1m:45s).

More on ERTH2002: Palaeobiology

In this video, watch an explanation of the history of life on earth, from the dawn of time to the present.

Students learn about palaeobiology in the field at Dinmore (YouTube, 2m:19s).

ERTH3212: Geology of Coral Reefs

In this video, watch:

  • students on our 7-day field excursion to our Heron Island Research Station
  • explanations of the geological processes, morphology, zonation, structure and sedimentation of coral reefs.

Students learn about the geology of coral reefs at Heron Island (YouTube, 4m:35s).

ERTH3050: Field Geology: Mapping in the Outback

In this video, watch students learn about:

  • mapping and field techniques in both simple and complex metamorphic terrains
  • field recognition and analysis of structural and metamorphic features
  • regional synthesis of field data.

Students learn about mapping in the field at Mount Isa (YouTube, 3m:10s).

Kilkivan field trip (ERTH2005, ERTH3001 and ERTH3020)

In this video, watch students in the field for courses that touch on mineralogy, exploration geology and geophysics. 

Students in the field on the Kilkivan field trip (YouTube, 6m:36s). Music by Disnae Matter