Population and places

Humans are asking hard questions about the natural environment that sustains us. The global population is projected to reach 11 billion by 2100, with most growth occurring in cities.

It will be accompanied by massive transformations in global economic structures, the nature of work, and urban form. We need to understand the myriad interactions among humans, our environment, and technology to help secure our common future.

Our interdisciplinary research team comprises geographers, regional and town planners, and occupational health and safety specialists.

Collectively we seek to contribute to knowledge that improves people’s lives.

We investigate diverse issues ranging from the drivers of human population growth to the structure of global city networks, sustainable cities and the impact of the changing work environment on human health.

We collaborate with government, non-governmental organisations and industry, both in Australia and around the world, to address these challenges.


Population geography

Urban and regional planning

Economic geography

  • Dr David Wadley

    Honorary Senior Lecturer
    School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Thomas Sigler

    Associate Professor and Deputy Head
    School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Occupational health and safety

Urban studies