Environmental studies

Our environmental studies research program is multidisciplinary and applied and framed around finding solutions to some of the world’s most critical environmental challenges.

Our work covers integrated resource management, such as catchment and coastal areas management. We work with all sorts of forests, wetlands and coral reefs and we study how those resources can be used sustainably so that people’s livelihoods can be improved and the health of impacted ecosystems maintained.

We also study how industry can be more socially and environmentally sustainable. We work with the mining sector to support improved mine site rehabilitation.

We work with the energy and power sectors to inform how power supply systems can transition to be cleaner, cheaper and more reliable. And we work with businesses of all kinds to develop innovative approaches on minimising input use such as water and energy, and reducing outputs such as waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our work in environmental studies is motivated by our desire to find smart solutions for a more sustainable future.


Climate change adaptation

Environmental Management

Marine Geoscience