Biodiversity conservation

Photo by Liana Joseph
Photo by Liana Joseph

The loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest global challenges and creating solutions to this is a significant research strength of the School, with UQ ranked #1 in the world for Biodiversity and Conservation in 2017 (Center for World University Rankings).

This Theme consist of a dynamic group of multidisciplinary conservation scientists, with expertise in ecology, decision science, environmental policy, mathematics, social science, economics, and spatial modelling.

These researchers lead the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science and have key leadership roles in the National Environmental Science Programme Hub for Threatened Species Recovery and ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions.

A significant strength is the ability to work with government, non-government and industry partners to influence national and international conservation policy.

With a philosophy to integrate research and training with end-users, the School achieves global recognition for the quality of its conservation science and impact.