Understanding the interactions and evolution of landforms

We examine interactions between plate tectonics, mountain building, magma generation and the evolution of landforms.

Research within our cluster is both basic and applied. Our research has implications for the development of mountain ranges and sedimentary basins, the generation of magmas, the evolution of landforms, and the formation of natural resources.

Much of our work is concentrated in Eastern Australia, although individual members of our cluster have extensive experience in North and South America, the Mediterranean, Asia and the Middle East.

Research topics within Plate Tectonics and Landscape Evolution span a large portion of geologic history, from ancient periods of mountain building to active processes that shape the modern landscape.

Our projects range in scale from the tectonic histories of entire continents to chemical variations in minerals that occur at the microscopic level. Research within our group integrates field observations with analytical data and computational models.

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The analytical facilities that are most pertinent to our research include the:

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