The Vale-UQ Geomicrobiology Laboratory houses dedicated spaces for experimental work, microscopy and storage.

Our Vale-UQ Geomicrobiology Laboratory was established in 2014.

Students and researchers use it primarily to study microbial communities and microbial metal extraction processes.

The facility spans two areas within the Richards Building (Building 5) and consists of a large laboratory dedicated to experimental work and a second smaller space for microscopy and storage.

It is fully equipped for culturing microbes and performing in vitro experimental work. Our equipment includes:

  • standard glassware for culturing
  • balances
  • refrigerator/freezer for keeping samples/media/reagents in cold storage
  • two microscopes (one fitted with Nikon camera for thin section photography)
  • a WiseVen oven for drying glassware.

For more details about each piece of equipment, scroll down to the table below.

To discuss your requirements, email the SEES Tech Team.


Coy anaerobic chamberCoy anaerobic chamber

  • For handling and culturing organisms in an anaerobic (oxygen free) environment

fume cupboardFume cupboard

  • Standard fume cupboard with nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon-dioxide gas lines for experimental work

Elga Purelab FlexElga Purelab Flex

  • Filtered de-ionised water for cultured experiments

pH metresEutech Instruments pH700 and Smart Chem pH

  • pH meters for monitoring the acidity/alkalinity of cultured experiments

Fisher Scientific filtration vacuum pumpFisher Scientific filtration vacuum pump

  • For filter-sterilization of growth media
  • Can be attached to a dessicator for the storage of 'sensitive' rock samples for SEM-EDS analysis (e.g. to prevent oxidation of polished block or thin sections containing metal suphides)

Eppendorf 5424R centrifugeVWR International Eppendorf Mini-spin Plus

Eppendorf 5424R centrifuge

  • For particle separation

Grant QBD1 heating block

  • Used for incubating samples at various stages of DNA extraction


  • For culturing experiments
  • 2 small incubators set at 25°C and 30°C
  • 1 medium ThermoScientific Hybaid Shake 'n' Stack incubator
  • 1 large MaxQ 6000 incubator

Air Science LF-Series Laminar flow cabinetAir Science LF-Series Laminar flow cabinet

  • Laminar flow bench for protecting samples from contamination during culturing
  • Fitted with a UV light for sterilisation

WiseMix VM-10 VortexWiseMix VM-10 Vortex

  • For mixing solutions

Systec autoclaveSystec autoclave

  • For sterilising equipment for culturing experiments and the disposal of organisms

Conviron Adaptis CMP6010 growth chamberConviron Adaptis CMP6010 growth chamber

  • Growth chamber with lamp to simulate environmental conditions (light and temperature) required for microbial growth

Thermoline Scientific shaker tableThermoline Scientific shaker table

  • For organisms that require agitation of the culturing medium