Our integrated teams of earth scientists, physical and social scientists, environmental management specialists, health and safety experts, and urban planners are focused on generating new knowledge, creating opportunities for innovation and discovery, and nurturing a wide range of external partnerships.

Research themes

The diversity of our disciplines is reflected in the depth and range of our research specialisms. Our collaborative staff share expertise and knowledge across six broad themes.

Vibrant academic setting

Our top-class facilities and vibrant academic setting enable our internationally-renowned experts to address some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges: a growing population, climate change, urbanisation, food security, conservation and natural resource management are just some of our priorities.

Expertise and output

Nature Index Top 25

We're ranked #4 in the world for Environment/Ecology subjects in the latest NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities.

​We're ranked in the top 50 in the world for Earth and Environmental Sciences in the latest Nature Index Tables.

Our publications

Visit UQ eSpace to view published works from our research community.

Our publications