The Remote Sensing Research Centre (RSRC) is a leading national and international research and training centre for biophysical remote sensing for understanding and solving environmental monitoring management problems. 

Our main areas of focus are:

  • research
  • research training
  • research to operational activities, through the Joint Remote Sensing Research Program
  • national coordination of earth observation activities in Australia through Earth Observation Australia.


Joint Remote Sensing Research Program

We use the collaborative Joint Remote Sensing Research Program to enable Australia’s states and territories to develop scientifically and legally defendable environmental mapping and monitoring programs using satellite image data sources linked to field measurements.

Earth Observation Australia

The Earth Observation Australia program provides resources and staff to maintain and develop Australia’s national Earth Observation coordination capacity across all levels of government, private industry, non-government groups and education.​

Annual report

Our annual report outlines our recent activities and achievements.

The report provides information about:

  • objectives
  • focus
  • finance
  • people
  • projects

View and download our 2018 report (PDF, 1.24Mb)
View and download our 2019 report (PDF, 211.22Kb)

Find out more

See our research pages for an overview of our interest areas.

Visit our website for more detailed information about our people, tools, facilities, borrowing procedures and annual report (PDF, 800kB) and to log in to our group wiki.