We undertake pure and applied research and provide education and training in demography and population geography.

We focus in particular on demographic change at the local and regional level, both within Australia and overseas and encompasses theory, methodology and empirical analysis. 

Our research interests focus on population mobility, internal migration and the development of demographic forecasting models.

Our aims

We aim to:

  • provide a focus for pure and applied research on population-related issues, particularly those relating to Queensland, but also encompassing wider issues of national and international significance
  • develop and enhance the provision of training in demographic methods and the analysis of population-related issues
  • promote and advance understanding of population dynamics, their origins, processes and implications throughout academia, government, and the community
  • provide a focus for population-related research at The University of Queensland, with links across a number of faculties and areas of related interest.

Our ultimate goal is to establish ourselves as national and internationally recognised leaders in population-related research and teaching.

Our people

Our Director, Professor Jonathan Corcoran, is responsible for the day-to-day running of the centre.

Our activities and operations are overseen by a management committee comprising members from our School and the Office of Economic and Social Research, Queensland Treasury.

Our staff and students

Jillian Ash

Ingrid Baker

Yasa Belmar

Emeritus Professor Martin Bell

Dr Aude Bernard

Alvin Chandra

Dr Elin Charles-Edwards

Dr Iraphne Childs

Jim Cooper

Professor Jonathan Corcoran

Gillian Cornish

Paul Evans

Nicole Garofano

Kiran K.C.

Anthony Kimpton

Associate Professor Yan Liu

Dr Karen McNamara

Jasmine Pearson

Annah Piggott-McKeller

Dr Thomas Sigler

Siqin (Sisi) Wang

Ming Wei

Research links

We have strong links to government agencies and the private sector around Australia, and collaborative linkages with other centres of expertise in the field, both locally and overseas.

These include the:

A pivotal linkage is to the Queensland State Treasury Office of Economic and Statistical Research, with whom we have a five-year collaborative research agreement.

This provides the foundation for a rolling program of research on demographic issues of significance to the Queensland Government.

We also work cooperatively with a number of other UQ centres with allied interests and expertise, including the:

Our projects

Project Duration
Global extent of degraded farm lands and their conservation potential
Australian Research Council
New modelling approaches for sustainable coastal city development
Australian Research Council
Understanding the Long-Term Decline in Internal Migration
Australian Research Council
Optimising community-based climate change adaptation in the Pacific Islands
Australian Research Council
Estimating temporary populations
Australian Research Council
Reclaiming lost ground: Transitions of mobility and parking
Australian Research Council
Assessing the ecosystem-wide risks of threatened species translocation
Australian Research Council
So what do you do? Graduates in the creative and cultural industries
University of Canberra
Searching for black swans among the shrinking ice: detecting unknown unknowns of climate predictions
The University of Queensland
Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in the Maldives
United Nations Development Programme
Maternity Funding (Advance Queensland Women's Academic Fund)
Queensland Government Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts
Cured or condemned? Mapping mild stoke outcomes and untreated deficits
The University of Queensland
Urban Analytics Data Infrastructure
University of Melbourne
Cities in the global economy: an analysis of inter-urban relations through multinational corporate locations
The University of Queensland
Probability of detection and persistence modelling for the Argentine ant eradication programme
The Nature Conservancy Limited
Barriers and Facilitators of Neighbourhood Networks and Cohesion
Australian Research Council

Annual report

Our annual report outlines our recent activities and achievements.

The 2018 report provides information about:

  • objectives
  • focus
  • past and future developments and issues
  • finance
  • people
  • projects.

View and download our previous report (PDF, 547kB).
View and download our current 2018 report (PDF, 1.19Mb).

Contact us

To find out more about us, contact our Director, Professor Jonathan Corcoran.