Kien Giang province is located in the western part of the Mekong Delta which is known as the “rice bowl” of Viet Nam. The Man and Biosphere Reserve of Kien Giang (KGBR) that was recognized by UNESCO in 2006 contains a very high biodiversity of ecosystems, forest types and species.  A very high pressure of the local use and strong dynamic on economic growth resulting in a large area of coastal forest has been converted into rice, aquaculture production and infrastructure development. The predominace of sector planning also has led to the fragementation and degradation of natural resources. As a result, the unique buffer vegetation along the coast has poor capacity for resillience and a limitted ability to mitigate the effect s of increasing surge storms, sea water level.

By using the Man and Biosphere Reserve concept, this study aims to (1)  define the legal roles and functions of biosphere reseserve in conservation and resources and  livelihood  in Vietnam (2) Examine  how  does  the Kien Giang BR integrate sectoral planning and spatial cordination tool for integrated management  to adapt with and respond to climate change and sea level rise, and (3) evaluate  how effectiveness of KG BR on coastal forest management, current  gaps and recommendations  for improvement.

Funding: APA (Australian Postgraduate Award)
Advisors: Prof Marc HockingsDr Peter DartMr Nigel Dudley


Project members

Van Cuong Chu

Van Cuong Chu

PhD Graduate 2017