The aim of this project is to identify from climate proxies, changes in temperature, precipitation, wind and evaporation in the Kimberley and use these results to validate and “nudge” numerical modelling of the Kimberley’s past-climate. Using the CSIRO Mk3L climate model for selected periods of major change/stability over the past 60,000 yrs. Model output will be used to initialise the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) to explore, through dynamical downscaling, the local climates of the Kimberley and their variability. Specific responses to sea level, topography, continentality and teleconnection forcing of regional climate will be explored at the temporal scales of seasons and spatial scales 10 km2 across past periods of stable climate and those of rapid change.

Advisory Team: Professor Hamish McGowan, Dr Stuart Browning, Dr Michael Hewson

Project members

Andrew LOWRY

PhD Candidate