Investigation on early fossilisation processes of animal remains in South-East Queensland Pleistocene deposits. His project aims to increase our understanding of fossil geochemistry and what it can tell us about the history of life on earth. Fossil remains preserved in ideal conditions can preserve element/isotopic signatures incorporated during an individual’s life. Using those elemental signatures, it is possible to interpret an individual’s diet and the environmental settings it lived in, and even to interpret complex behaviours such as migratory habits. Unfortunately, fossilisation processes that preserve the remains of animals can also destroy and distort target element signatures, making them unreliable for analysis. Kyle’s research involves analysing concentrations of elements known to be introduced and incorporated after death to better understand early fossilisation processes and how they alter biogeochemical signatures.

Advisors:  Dr Gilbert Price, Prof Gregory Webb, Dr Yuexing Feng

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PhD candidate - Awarded 2018