Studies on dam-induced resettlements have largely focused on the planning process and immediate human and environmental impacts. However, our understandings of the long-term impacts of such resettlements, and the responses of different populations and factors defining livelihood outcomes have been limited. As a result, the majority of people resettled due to dams, especially vulnerable groups, across the world have struggled to re-construct and secure their livelihoods. This research aims to understand the dynamics and complexities of the Yali Hydropower’s resettlement site by exploring how resettled ethnic groups build capacity and sustain their livelihoods in the Central Highland of Vietnam. In addition, this research seeks to contribute to the increasing body of literature on resettlement, livelihoods and resilience.

Funding: Australian Awards Scholarship (AAS)

Advisors: Dr. Bradd Witt, A/Prof. Bob Beeton, Dr. Karen McNamara

Project members

Chi Trung Tran

Chi Trung TRAN

PhD graduate 2017