The Xi River Basin is South China's largest river basin and takes up approximately 86 percent of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (GZAR)’s total area. The Xi River Basin serves as the primary water resource for GZAR and plays a significant role in GZAR’s economic and social development. 

Hechi city is a non-ferrous metal-rich area that is located on the upper stream of the Xi River in GZAR that has been focusing on non-ferrous metal exploitation challenges to the sustainable development of the Xi River Basin. Since the 2000s, this non-ferrous metal-rich area’s economic and industrialized development processes have contributed to serious environmental pollutions and ecological degradation that negatively affects the sustainability of the Xi River Basin. 

This research project aims to analyzing the major problems and predict a future trend for sustainable development in the non-ferrous metal-rich area in GZAR in the Xi River Basin. This research project will also explore potential policy approaches to achieve a more sustainable development in the non-ferrous metal-rich area in the Xi River Basin.

Advisors: Assoc Prof Yongping Wei


Project members

Qucheng Deng

Qucheng DENG

PhD Candidate - Conferred October 2020