Suitable as a PhD or Honours Project (can be adjusted to suit either)

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is generally considered to be mixed-use development near, and/or oriented to, mass transit facilities. Common TOD traits include urban compactness, pedestrian and cycle-friendly environs, public and civic spaces near stations, and stations as community hubs. TOD has been rediscovered in many parts of the world due to a combination of factors including technological innovations in transit and logistics, privatization reforms in rail transit, the quest for sustainable development patterns, and the shifting spatial dynamics of contemporary society. In some countries, the TOD approach reaches further than single locations towards a network approach, which aims at realigning entire urban regions around rail transport and away from the car. New TOD projects are often seen as important contributors to good urban design to coordinate transportation modes, mix land uses, and create an appealing public space within a limited area. However, studies to date indicate that TOD projects have been mixed in terms of delivering a genuine transit-oriented experience.

Contact: Dr Dorina Pojani