In my research, I will seek to obtain new primary radiometric, biostratigraphic, and palaeomagnetic data from ophiolitic rocks found along the India-Asia suture zone through the Indian and Tibetan Himalaya. These data may then be used to test and refine models of subduction initiation during India-Asian collision, which may serve as a model for subduction processes in general. The primary aim of this project represents a part of a wider study to determine how the fundamental plate tectonic process of subduction is initiated and refining the tectonic history of the later stages of the closure of the Neotethyan Ocean.
In building a multi-disciplinary dataset, this research will attempt to address primary aspects of subduction initiation by testing competing hypotheses describing scenarios of subduction processes that began within the Neotethyan Ocean. Using the India-Asia suture as a case study for the development of a single subduction system, the project outcomes will advance the global knowledge base for Earth Sciences by allowing critical assessment of influential models proposed both for subduction initiation and ophiolites generation.

Funding: Research Training Program (RTP)
Advisors: Prof Jonathan Aitchison, Dr Sol Buckman


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