Whilst seasonal forecasts are available, and it is known that fluctuations in several teleconnection patterns affect precipitation–bearing weather systems in Australia on longer, decadal timescales, there is currently no intermediate term forecasting capability for precipitation. Energy Traders at Snowy Hydro Ltd require a modelling tool that will allow them to forecast precipitation between 1 and 5 years into the future. 

This project will develop a climatology of precipitation-bearing synoptic weather systems, their variability in response to teleconnection forcings, and contribution to inflow generation in the headwater catchments of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric scheme. This study will be conducted as part of a much larger 4 year research programme involving researchers from UQ, University of Western Australia and Snowy Hydro Ltd. It will ultimately aid understanding of the hydrometeorology in the Snowy Mountains region in relation to drivers of sub- and interannual climate variability.

Publications Natural assets for flood and cyclone resilience: Review of planning mechanisms used worldwide for mitigation of natural disasters using a natural assets approach, The State of Queensland (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) 2012.

Funding: APA, Snowy Hydro Ltd

Advisors: Prof Hamish McGowan, Dr Johanna Speirs (Snowy Hydro Ltd)

Project members

Alison Theobald

Alison Theobald

PhD Graduate