Aware of the destructions made from the construction industry to the environment, green initiatives are being encouraged by the authorities in many countries. More environmental friendly and sustainable approaches are being implemented in the construction industry. By integrating environmental preferences in the purchase of products,works and services, both public and private organisations can improve their environmental performance and at the same time influence their suppliers to improve the environmental performance of their products and production processes. The National Green Technology Policy was launched in 2009 reflects the Malaysian Government’s commitment to move towards sustainable construction based on green practices  in which will benefit current and future issues related toeconomic, social and environment and also quality of life. Such policy indicates that government is seriously encouraging the efforts in tackling green issues in the countrythat complement the global vision on sustainable development. Aligned with the 10th Malaysia Plan which is, widespread availability and recognition of Green Technology in terms of products, appliances, equipment and systems in the local market through standards, rating and labeling programs, strategies are planned by both the government and the private bodies to facilitate green initiatives. 

Although many has come forward contributing to the green initiatives in Malaysia, the implementation of it still facing many hinders especially in the construction industry. These strategies however are too general to be implemented in the construction industry. There seems to be no holistic approach to go about it. Generally, there is no thorough research has been conducted by other researcher in Malaysia on the policy issues in sustainable construction since Malaysia still does not have specific policy on the sustainable construction. It tends to be a lack of holistic configuration framework for planning the green construction in the construction industry.

This project aims to investigate the barriers which hinder the successful implementation of green construction in Malaysia, to determine the critical factors contributing to successful green construction implementation and to establish a framework / guidelines map for green initiatives implementation to be adopted in Malaysia’s construction industry.

Funding: Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) Malaysia
Advisors: Dr Anthony HalogDr Carl Smith

Project members

Farrah Zuhaira Ismail

Farrah Zuhaira ISMAIL

PhD candidate