Project will use public and proprietary drilling data to investigate regional to local correlations of the Late Permian Betts Creek/ Bandanna–Colinlea Coal Measures, with the emphasis on creating a consistent stratigraphic framework. Age dating of available tuffs in the sequence will better constrain the correlation between the Galilee and Bowen basins, and quantify subsidence rates between the different tectonic settings. Sedimentary and petrophysical facies analysis of core and wireline logs will help define depositional environments and their relationship to coal seam splitting patterns across the basin in response to climate and/or tectonically driven change. Provenance analysis of sandstones will help to determine differences in origin of source rocks supplying sediment to the basin and may help to identify different stratigraphic units.

Funding: Vale Coal Geoscience Project
Advisors: Prof Joan Esterle, Dr Charles Verdel

Project members


PhD candidate- graduate 2018