(Please note:  Dr Halog is unable to accept applications from new Master of Philosophy and PhD students until late 2017)

This project has a number of objectives.  They are:

  • To understand the metal and mineral resource requirements of Japanese and Chinese industries, particularly in quantifying the demand of rare earth metals in Japanese industries and demand of mineral and other resources in Chinese industries. The metals and resources are supplied by Australian mining and mineral resource industry.
  • To propose viable models of circular economy in Queensland’s mining and mineral resource industries while respecting ecological limits and meeting long-term requirements of other countries.
  • To develop a database of available metals and other minerals in Australia and quantify their usages.

This project can be implemented using any of the life cycle, holistic and system thinking based approaches (particularly, materials flow analysis (MFA), substance flow analysis (SFA), environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), system dynamics, agent based modelling (ABM), multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and data envelopment analysis (DEA).

Contact: Dr Anthony Halog