This dissertation will examine how landscape approach addresses the shortcoming of previous attempts to achieve sustainability in landscapes where there are many stakeholders with diverse aspirations and views.  This  study will consider both ecological and social perspectives and examine the existence of spatial correlation between social data and ecological data in the landscape in order to obtain effective strategies. 

Mapping proposed landscape as a social - ecological system and focusing on geographic areas of both high social and ecological value within it will be considered in this research. Since this approach may lead to identify areas with high concerns and conflicts, it can lead to determine efficient conservation strategies and management interests for them.

The reason for using integrated multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) into the participatory process in this study is the possibility of incorporating stakeholder values and ecological consideration in a decision-making to identify the appropriate scenarios and implementation options to manage the threats within the landscape.

Advisors: Prof Marc HockingsAssoc Prof Patrick MossAssoc Prof Greg Brown

Project members

Azadeh Karimi

PhD candidate