The objective of this study is to examine changes in the scale, nature and composition of China-born immigration to Queensland focusing on both settler and long-tern temporary arrivals in the corridor area of Brisbane and Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It also examines the employment impact of Chinese immigration by analyzing the participation of the China-born population in the Queensland labor force. It assesses how successful immigration from China has been in meeting skill and labor shortages and in contributing to the development objectives of the Queensland government. It makes suggestions for immigration and settlement policy to maximize the benefits of Chinese migration to Queensland government and to the migrants themselves. Multivariate statistical techniques are used to examine how acculturation and socio-economic characteristics predict ethnic residential concentration.

Funding: IPRS Scholarship, UQ Centennial Scholarship

Advisors: Dr Yan Liu, Dr Thomas Sigler, Assoc Prof Jonathan Corcoran

Project members

Siqin (Sisi) Wang

PhD candidate - Awarded 2018