South East Queensland (SEQ) is currently the third largest urban region in Australia and presently experiencing significant growth and urbanization since the past several decades. Such rapid and un-integrated sprawl is not only harmful to the functionality of a region as a whole but also eludes the benefits that could have been accrued through clustering of urban core and agglomeration. This PhD research explores the challenges and opportunities that reside in optimal integration of smarter urban densification design and infrastructure modelling as a guiding principle for enhanced development of major urban centres in SEQ region, and introduces the Smart Urban Densification Development Model (SUDD). Through appropriate integration of higher density development, infrastructure, and building design parameters, this research engages SUDD model to propose strategies that contribute positively in adding to conducive development policies at the local city governance level especially for Brisbane’s designated Priority Development Areas (PDA), recommend solutions aimed to improve processes for enabling efficacious higher density development for wider urban regions in Australia, and demonstrates the substantial value that can be attained through perusal of smarter urban densification design and infrastructure development model for current and future development trends in SEQ Australia.

Advisors: Dr Sebastien Darchen, Professor Neil Sipe

Funding: Research Training Program

Project members

Mubeen AHMAD

PhD Candidate