The research topic is to investigate the effectiveness of the River Basin Organisation as a governance model for sustainable management of river basins. Four river basins and their governance structures will be analysed, with an emphasis on RBOs within developing countries. A key criterion is that RBOs are nationally bounded, but whose operational scope is strongly influenced by regional and or global interdependencies, be it in terms of resources, legal frameworks, or international obligations.

Governance issues of selected RBOs will be analysed across dimensions of political science, organisational behaviour, institutional arrangements, resourcing and its core functions such as data generation, provision and dissemination, and the impact on the biophysical system of the basin being managed.  Differences in the characteristics of selected RBOs and how they function will be compared with regard to water security and ecosystem services security; two key dimensions directly related to sustainable management of river basins.

Methods of analysis will include systems theory, participatory models, semi-structured interviews with RBO staff and beneficiaries, and evaluation of outcomes against objectives.

Differences and similarities will be compared in order to formulate some recommendations on what are the prerequisites of an RBO to achieve good governance.

Advisors:  Assoc Prof Yongping Wei, Prof Karen Hussey (GCI), Assoc Prof Jamie Pittock (ANU)

Project members

Frederick Bouckaert

Frederick Bouckaert

PhD candidate