This PhD research project investigates a dimension of the migration system that is often overlooked - return migration. This is the event where people make a long-standing or “permanent” move to a new place of residence in another part of Australia but then return to their former home place at a later date.

This project explores four dimensions of return migration - the extent to which return moves occur, the spatial and temporal patterns of it throughout Australia, the key socio-demographic characteristics of people who make a return move, and the underlying motivations or reasons for such return movement, with particular emphasis on the links to significant events in people’s lives. A synthesis of this information will help to test contemporary theories of return migration and will provide a deeper understanding of migration in Australia

Funding: ARC Discovery Grant DP0451399 for project “Understanding the Structure of Internal Migration in Australia”, 2005-2009

Advisors: Prof Jonathan Corcoran, Dr Tom Wilson

Project members

Angelique Parr

Angelique PARR

PhD candidate - Awarded 2018