The Remote Sensing Research Centre has a number of general research areas suitable for Honours level research projects. For all our projects students will work as part of a larger group of research students and staff collecting, processing and analysing data for their own, but related topics. This enables access to a wide range of data sets, equipment and advice/support. In most cases these projects  will be linked to delivery results to a government agency or partner.

The scope of our work is outlined here, along with our people and capabilities.

Overall project areas include topics below – all of which can be addressed in south-east Queensland or other areas. Our group is involved in local, state and continental scale projects in these areas, as well as being tied to new projects enabling access to long-term environmental data sets ( .

Overall Topics:

  1. Mapping and monitoring the composition (cf. biodiversity) biomass, Carbon-fluxes and other energy exchanges in urban, forest and coastal (wetland, seagrass and reef) environments. Projects focus on ONE of these topics. 
  2. Development and validation of algorithms for mapping  and monitoring  current and historical state and changes in urban, coastal and forested environments. Projects focus on ONE of these topics.

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