Concern for impacts to groundwater resources due to coal seam gas operations has led to heated debate in the community. Sanjib Mondal's research aims to assess the risk to groundwater contamination from fracking in coal seam gas operations. It is critical that naturally occurring compounds in the coal seam and injected compounds are not mobilised to aquifers topped by water bores. This project will build accurate, site-specific, dynamic numerical models of the hydraulic-fracturing process in coal seam gas operations. This will enable prediction of the maximum vertical extent of stimulated fractures in specific coal seams and will help establish criteria for when and where fracking in coal seam gas wells is safe in relation to groundwater contamination.

Funding: Research Training Program (RTP)

Advisors: A/Prof Lutz Gross, Dr Louise Olsen-Kettle

Project members


PhD candidate - Conferred July 2019