Approximately 40% of Earth's land is used for agriculture. Land management practices strongly influence soil pH with large consequences for microbial diversity.

This project will develop tools to predict how land management influences soil pH and how this affects soil biodiversity and ecosystem function under a range of future scenarios.

Ultimately, the project will highlight which agricultural management practices help to preserve or compromise soil biodiversity and function. The will help to maintain food security for our increasing global population.

The specific objectives are as follows:

1: Characterise soil biodiversity and function along a pH gradient

2: Develop models to predict how microbial diversity and activity change as a function of pH at regional and global scales

3: Make predictions of how future global soil biodiversity and ecosystem function are likely to be affected by contemporary land management decisions

Advisory Team: Dr Paul Dennis, Dr Simone Blomberg

Funding: Research Training Program

Project members

Gretel WAUGH

PhD Candidate