When fluids flow in geomaterials, which are typical heterogeneous porous media involving various constituents and complex pore structure, many complex processes are involved. These processes include fluid transport, chemical reactions between different phases, constituents and surface property changes, etc. We intend to develop a pore-scale Lattice Boltzmann Model (LBM) to simulate geofluids transport processes comprising chemical reactions and to investigate the induced changes in petrophysical properties on an unconventional reservoir, eventually, to guide natural resource management and industrial exploitation. The project includes the following aspects: (1) Characterization of petrophysical properties of the unconventional reservoir. (2) Determination of geofluid-rock interactions in reservoir condition and construction of corresponding numerical algorithms. (3) Development of a pore-scale LBM coupling various chemical reactions with dissolution/precipitation, multiphase fluid transport, and interfacial phenomenon. (4) Studying transform of wetting behavior induced by the changes in fluid concentration and other factors.

Funding: China Scholarship Council

Advisors: Professor Suzanne Golding, Dr Cheng Zhang

Project members

Xiaoxiao MAO

PhD Candidate