Many Permian and Triassic structural, sedimentological and magmatic features in eastern Australia are attributed to the Hunter Bowen Orogeny. The Permo-Triassic Gympie Terrane is one of the largest and complete Permo-Triassic successions and is targeted here as a case study to further understand the style, kinematics and timing of deformational phases associated with the coeval Hunter Bowen Orogeny. Derek Hoy's PhD project also aims to establish correlations between the different Permian and Triassic successions and to understand their tectonic setting during formation. This project will result in a regional synthesis of the tectonic evolution of the east Australian margin during the Permian and Triassic.

Advisors:  Assoc Prof Gideon Rosenbaum, Dr Charlotte Allen

Project members

Derek HOY

PhD candidate - Conferred June 2020