Project investigates the palynology and biostratigraphy of the Jurassic–Cretaceous transition in the Surat Basin, Queensland – these aspects of this transitional section have not previously been studied in detail. Several important aquifers and aquitards occur in these Surat Basin formations, and a refined palynolostratigraphic zonation may assist in correlation and understanding their distribution. The composition of palynofloral assemblages and the stratigraphic distribution of palynomorph species are being documented in the cited strata, variously in three stratigraphic drill holes: GSQ Dalby 1, GSQ DRD 26 and GSQ Roma 2. Preliminary work has shown that a number of existing species will need redescription, and several new species will be circumscribed. In addition, bentonite samples are undergoing U-PB, CA-IDTIMS dating to allow the biozones to be tied to the international geological timescale.

Advisors:  Prof Joan Esterle, Dr John McKellar

Project members

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Jennifer COOLING

PhD candidate - Conferred November 2020