The project aims to reconstruct Holocene tsunami history in northern Chile. Chile is an earthquake and tsunami-prone country, however the past occurrences of tsunamis in northern Chile have not been studied. Following the successful identifications of two palaeotsunami deposits in northern Chile (one of which was studied by the applicant during his Master's research), the source area, age, and magnitude of the tsunamis can be determined by modelling. I will first analyse the palaeotsunami deposits in detail by sedimentological and geochemical approaches to reveal the characteristics of the event deposits. Then I will run multiple tsunami models to find out the source location and scale of earthquakes that could create the studied tsunami deposits. The project is expected to provide important information on tsunami recurrence interval and the extent of coastal flooding to guide coastal management strategies and help communities to prepare for future events.

Advisory Team: Dr Annie Lau, Dr Huilin Xing

Funding: Becas Chile Scholarship

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PhD Candidate