In recent years there has been an increased level of activity in implementing climate change adaptation (CCA) projects internationally. This is due to the realisation that climate change impacts are already being felt in many countries, and will continue to do so into future; as such, the need for these projects in paramount. Within this paradigm, community-based adaptation (CBA) projects are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the realisation amongst the international community that traditional, top-down initiatives have not been successful in providing real benefits to communities. However, despite the increase in CBA projects, there exists a dearth of analysis of their efficacy.
Through this research I will use case studies from Pacific Island communities with the aim to better understand the types of projects that have been implemented, assess their levels of success in safeguarding communities in the face of climate change, and provide a series of lessons that would benefit donors, communities and practitioners alike.

Funding: Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)

Advisors: Dr Karen McNamara, Prof Patrick Nunn, Assoc Prof James Watson

Project members

Annah Piggott-McKellar


PhD candidate - Conferred March 2020