My PhD is focused on developing and evaluating strategies to manage multiple ecosystem services under uncertain global change scenarios. I have undertaken a review of how climate change and other drivers have been incorporated into ecosystem service assessments and decisions, whilst also using case studies to develop and apply different methods. My first case study involved applying economic methods (ecosystem service markets and modern portfolio theory) to protect coastal ecosystem services under sea level rise in Moreton Bay, Queensland. I am also exploring strategies to manage trade-offs between livestock production and greenhouse gas regulation under global change in Australia’s rangelands. This has required me to draw on methods from ecological modelling, economics, and operations research.

Funding: Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), University of Queensland Advantage Top-Up Scholarship, University of Queensland / CSIRO Integrated Natural Resource management Scholarship

Advisors: Assoc Prof Jonathan Rhodes, Dr Brett Bryan (CSIRO), Prof Hugh Possingham


Project members

Rebecca Runting

Rebecca Runting

PhD Graduate 2017