The aim of this project is to better understand magma storage and transport leading to volcanism in active volcanic arcs. This will be completed through the comparison of three volcanoes that occur at increasing distance from the arc trench in the Northern Andes, erupting magmas of increasingly anomalous composition. We will compare petrological data with geophysical monitoring at ‘regular arc’ (calc-alkaline) to ‘anomalous’ (high-alkali) volcanoes, to constrain key differences in the architecture and dynamics of the magmatic systems feeding volcanism. Project results will make it possible to build updated models on magma ascent and eruption mechanisms, and improve our understanding on volcanic hazards, emergency management and economic ore potential in arc settings. As such, the project aligns directly with the ARC-Discovery 3-year project recently awarded to Dr. Ubide and Dr. Rosenbaum.

Advisory Team: Dr Teresa Ubide Garralda, Associate Professor Gideon Rosenbaum

Funding: UQ Earmarked Scholarship Scheme

Project members

Mia Maria PIQUE

PhD Candidate