The centre of Jakarta has seen spectacular with its modernization of high-rise building. This reflects the thriving economic growth in capital city of Indonesia. Yet, a part from the high-rise building, the centre of Jakarta is considerably seen as kampong. Kampung, also known as urban village has become unique phenomenon in Jakarta; its existence is seen as a ‘negative image’. Moreover, Kampung may be regarded as informal settlement, referred to ‘slum,’ because of the absence of basic services and land tenure security.

From past experience in improving informal settlements, land tenure security has become one of the major issues. Provision of housing and settlement, and basic services require legal access to land. Tenure security becomes the major focus in the research. The research engages land management components (i.e. land policy, land administration, land information infrastructure) as basis, where land administration as the main operational component.

Land administration functions consists of land tenure, land use, land value, land development. This research aims to examine each aspect within kampong, to ensure land tenure security in kampong upgrading process, and to put forward alternative approach for long-term outcomes for stakeholders.

Funding: Scholarship Program for the Reforming Institution (SPIRIT): BAPPENAS Republic of Indonesia

Advisors: Dr Sonia Roitman, Professor John Minnery

Project members

Andri Supriatna


PhD candidate - Awarded 2018