1. Through access to Go Card data, locations or suburbs in Brisbane in which the current fixed-route service carries a small number of customers need to be identified; (2) Investigate the characteristics of customers.

2.Identifying the perception of customers in Brisbane to alternative service options (shared mobility including car sharing, bike sharing, and shared autonomous vehicles) which may replace those fixed route bus services. Will customer use shared mobility to deal with first/last mile issue? A survey needs to be conducted for achieving this goal.

3. Assessing the possibility of an integrated autonomous vehicle – public transport system (AV-PT) in Brisbane by using a type of simulation analysis. For instance, discussing the feasibility of dealing with first mile trip by using shared AVs as an alternative.

Advisory Team: Prof Jonathan Corcoran, Dr Anthony Kimpton, Prof Neil Sipe, Prof Carlo Prato 

Project members

Ying LU

Research Officer