This research will be the first time in Australia that active (LiDAR, laser scanning) and passive (aerial and satellite imaging) remote sensing datasets will be combined to understand how horticultural crops change over time. It will address how the multi-temporal high spatial resolution Worldview-2 and Worldview-3 imagery, together with the high spatial resolution airborne and ground based LiDAR technology can be used for monitoring properties of mangoes, macadamias and avocados that are essential for growers. The knowledge and techniques produced may have a wider application in different types of fruit and nut trees in Australia. With the direct involvement of growers and the industry, results from this project will be directly used to improve their growing practices.

Funding: UQRS (University of Queensland Research Award)

Advisors: Prof Stuart Phinn, Dr Kasper Johansen, Dr Andrew Robson

Project members

Dan Wu

Dan WU

PhD candidate - Conferred May 2020