It is well established that the conventional linear-reductionist or mechanistic approach founded on positivistic understanding of science do not provide a sufficient framework for understanding the non-linear dynamics and complexities inherent in most natural resource systems. My project is using a new and innovative systems approach – that is systems dynamics and simulation modelling grounded in control theory and modern theory of non-linear dynamics and the notion of system thinking to develop a computer-based decision support system in a form of an integrated system dynamic model for the sustainable and long-term management of the Volta River basin water system in West Africa.

Specifically, the project is expected to contribute to:

  1. to improve our understanding of the dynamic behaviour of the system as it responds to various environmental and socio-economic changes over time; and
  2. to test the effects of different policies scenarios necessary to support decision making for water resources management and agricultural development.

Funding: IPRS, UQ Centennial

Advisors: Assoc Prof Ron JohnstoneAssoc Prof Greg Brown

Project members

Julius Kotir

Julius Kotir

PhD candidate - graduated August 2017