The researcher proposes to develop and assess a new model of development called a Sustainable Masterplan Community – Transit Oriented Development ( called for this research SMPC-TOD) to determine if it is more sustainable and performs better than more mainstream type Masterplanned Community (MPC) and Transit Oriented TOD style developments (TOD). The researcher therefore aims to use a case study approach that utilises a triple bottom line (TBL) framework in assessing sustainability performance of a newly designed and planned SMPC – TOD style development and benchmark its performance against two other existing communities, one being an MPC and the other a TOD.

The overarching research problem is that current approaches to urban development, including TODs and MPCs, are failing to create communities that are sustainable and liveable and there is a need for new models of compact sustainable master planned community development based around good quality transport. Therefore the research aims to exemplify that there are better ways of developing our communities than how we have done so in the past. The objective is for this research to provide advice on how we can create more liveable and sustainable communities that find the right balance between environmental, economic and social factors, and provide a pathway for others to follow suit.

Advisors: Dr Sebastien Darchen, Prof David St John, Assoc Prof Lynda Cheshire


Project members

Paul Sparshott


PhD candidate - Conferred October 2019