Regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) in Australia has been a complex issue involving uncertainties in the efforts to achieve sustainable planning solutions. The actual results of these planning interventions remain a key uncertainty as there is a lack of information regarding the outcomes of NRM planning and the factors influencing them. The purpose of the research is to examine the impact of governance upon regional NRM planning outcomes through the analysis of the relationship between governance, and plan implementation.

The study will explore the impact of governance upon environmental regional planning within the Australian context by looking at the governance arrangements that have shaped planning; the view that stakeholders involved have about them and their expectations; as well as the potential link between governance and natural resource outcomes. The overall hypothesis is that NRM governance impacts on planning outcomes at the regional scale. How significant this impact is remains the key question behind the project.

Advisors: Prof Neil Sipe, Prof Marc Hockings

Project members

Jaime Olvera Garcia


PhD candidate - Awarded 2018