Globally, the morphological structure of the river networks is undergoing significant changes in the recent past. The disturbance in the morphology has made a significantly negative impact on the ecosystem depends on it. Identification of possible root causes behind such changes is hence critical to future river basin management. The proposed project aims to investigate the possible impact of the changing frequency and magnitude of floods on the morphology and stream networks, focussing on change in dynamics between erosion and deposition, which is the main mechanism of changes in river morphological structure. The stable chain of erosion, transport, and deposition may be altered during flood events, affecting the dynamic stability of rivers. Integrated hydrodynamic and sedimentation models will be developed over a representative river basin, to simulate the possible degradation and aggradation of river bed/banks during such extremes. The project aims to develop a framework to study the changes in the pattern and profile of river beds during the flow regimes during extreme conditions

Advisors: Associate Professor Yongping Wei, Dr Dhanya CT3

Funding: UQ IITD

Project members

Sudeep BANAD

PhD Candidate