Gisely’s research aims to evaluate Fe/Al-(hydr)oxides efficiency in the removal of lanthanum, cerium, europium and holmium from contaminated water under controlled laboratory conditions. For this purpose, Fe/Al-(hydr)oxides with different Fe/Al ratios are synthesized in the presence of varying amounts of lanthanum, cerium, europium and holmium under alkaline to slightly acidic conditions. The precipitates produced are fully characterized in terms of their mineralogical and geochemical composition, and the re-mobilization potential of the rare earth elements is evaluated. This research will assist with the development of techniques to enhance the treatment of mining wastewater, especially in acid mine drainage (AMD) waters where the mobilization of contaminants is enhanced.

Advisors:  Assoc Prof Massimo Gasparon

Project members

Gisely Barcelos


PhD candidate - Conferred December 2018