Floods has social, economic and environmental consequences which could be observed after January 2011 flood in Southeast of Qld. One of the regions which was severely affected in 2011 flood was Lockyer valley. Because of the catchment was in steep terrain and saturated of earlier rain, the continued heavy rainfall caused flash flood in this catchment without any effective flood warning (QFCI, 2011).  Due to climate change and its impact on rainfall pattern, increasing the risk of more frequent and severe flooding would be expected (Mirfenderesk, 2009). Reducing the negative impacts of flood in vulnerable catchments needs to develop an accurate, timely and reliable flood warning system for flash floods (QFCI, 2011).

In current study, historical BOM rainfall records as ensemble inputs generates flow hydrographs which will be input for hydraulic models. Running simulation of flood hydraulic models estimates threshold runoff which develops appropriate flood forecasting methods and produce Gis maps. The output of this study expected to develop an effective early flood warning system which could provide the basis for understanding the severity of an oncoming flood for local authorities and councils flood emergency officers for pre-flood emergency management (Australian Government 2009).

Advisors: Dr David Pullar


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