My name is Carla Archibald and I am a PhD student from the School of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Queensland. My main research interests fall into three buckets, 1) understanding policy or intervention adoption, 2) the importance of private land conservation (at this stage conservation covenants), and 3) conservation technology (anything to do with media and the internet, primarily big data and the novel methods that are associated with it). The ultimate research projects in my eyes, are when I get to incorporate multiple of these spheres.

My PhD focuses on issues around private land conservation particularly, 1) why are they used 2) how effective are they, and 3) who engages in these policies. All to understand how can we increase policy engagement in the future, and create the greatest additional conservation impact on private lands. I am supervised by Associate Professor Jonathan Rhodes and Dr Morena Mills, senior lecturer in conservation science at the Imperial College of London, and Associate Professor James Fitzsimons, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Conservation for Australia.

Prior to starting my PhD, I graduated a Bachelor of Applied Science from The University of Queensland in 2012 and received first-class honours for my project on urban restoration and bird diversity in South-east Queensland within the Possingham Lab through CEED in 2014. I have since gained experience in environmental consultancy for urban and infrastructure development and conservation research projects, for Universities and non-government organisations (IUCN) on projects concerning climate change, invasive species, avian ecology and protected areas. Through this I developed skills in conducting terrestrial vertebrate fauna surveys predominantly in Australia but also in Peru using both trapping and observational methods utilising visuals, calls and traces for all taxa. Throughout my past roles I has established a strong foundation in conducting desktop research, data collection, data compilation and data analysis using a variety of sources and programs.

Funding: APA (Australian Postgraduate Award)
Advisors: Assoc Prof Jonathan RhodesDr Morena Mills, Dr James Fitzsimons

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Carla Archibald


PhD Candidate - Conferred March 2020