This study aims to identify the impacts of human arrival, sea level fluctuation and climate change on the Australian environment using palaeoenvironmental records from the South Wellesley Islands in the southern Gulf of Carpentaria. High resolution palaeoecological records for the last 10,000 years will be compared with archaeological results to identify human-environment interactions during the Holocene. The relatively recent arrival of humans to the region provides a unique opportunity to investigate the impact that Aboriginal people may have had in shaping the northern Queensland environment. A reconstruction of Holocene sea level and climate change in far north Queensland will further identify non-human drivers of change during the Holocene.

Funding:  APA (Australian Postgraduate Award), Naive Island Landscapes: People and Environmental Change in Tropical Sclerophyll Landscapes (DP120103179)

Advisors: Assoc Prof Patrick MossProf Jamie ShulmeisterDr Geraldine JacobsenProf Henk Heijinis

Project members

Lydia Mackenzie

Lydia Mackenzie

PhD candidate