Geomechanical response of CSG reservoirs to stimulation and water and gas production is estimated by numerical modelling (e.g. hydraulic fracture, borehole stability models, etc.). However, there are issues with the characterization of coal geomechanics properties and the need for upscaling to estimate coal strength, deformability, hardness, and fracture toughness exist. Capturing the coal variability and its impact on geomechanics and flow behaviour is an ongoing problem. The objective of Karina’s PhD thesis is to investigate low rank coal behaviour conditioned by lithotypes and separated by claystones. Then alternative laboratory tests with smaller coal samples are used to capture more realistic representation of coal geomechanical behaviour for application to numerical modelling for CSG reservoir.​

Advisors:  Prof Joan Esterle, Dr Zhongwei Chen

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PhD candidate - Conferred December 2019