Environmental scientists have been giving warnings about an environmental crisis since the 1960s. Urban Planning has stakes in the crisis. But, are planning scholars helping to solve it?
Some doubt we even can.
The discipline is too neoliberal, say some.
Our theories and methods are not up to the task, say others.
Scholars work to publish, not save the world, add others.

If a crisis is happening, or is likely to happen, the question of whether the discipline is organised to respond, is a critical one.

How is the Urban Planning field responding to claims about an environmental crisis?

This research project looks at the body of knowledge of the discipline (our boundaries of enquiry, research agenda, doctrinal knowledge, theories and methods), to assess the response of the discipline against the aspirations it has set for itself.

The project takes a disciplinary perspective on the topic, meaning the interest is in identifying trends and patterns at the level of the discipline, not in critiquing individual theories or publications. It rests on the assumption that discipline-level dynamics would have shaped the response to a significant extent. Which leads to what’s expected from the findings: that they will illuminate opportunities for interventions at the level of the discipline to facilitate better responses by individual researchers.

Funding: APA Scholarship
Advisors: Dr David Wadley, Professor Fred D'Agostino

Project members

Isabel Ceron Castano


PhD candidate